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What are InfuseNClips?

Are you tired of bugs bothering you when you play InfuseNClips are just the thing for you!


InfuseNClips solve the problem of being inundated with bugs swarming around your face on the golf course! 

This innovative solution is coated with an all natural bug deterrent that is not harmful. 

They secure to the brim of your cap and keep bugs away you while you play!


How are the Birdie Everything Ball Markers Different?


Birdie Everything Ball Markers are handcrafted so you can get the exact marker that means something to you and with the unique 3-D design is perfect for reading the greens on those long putts or knowing exactly where your playing partners are on the green! With close to 365 different designs we hope you are able to find a special marker that speaks to you.

More About Birdie Everything


Birdie Everything Ball Markers and InfuseNClips are manufactured right here in the USA!

Use InfuseNClips with Birdie Everything ball markers or with your own favorite marker.

Birdie Everything ball markers work best with InfuseNClips.

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